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Friday, April 1, 2011

Culinary Rick Rolling

What kinds of foods would be appropriate to celebrate April Fools' Day? I should think that the most obvious are the foods that are meant to fool people into thinking they're something else. Take for example, tofu dogs. Which aren't made from any kind of meat, much less dog meat.

Then again, how about some salad?

A proper dessert would be Dirt Cake. Imagine, cake that fools you into into thinking it's dirt. Brilliant. But what better way of fooling your diners into thinking that it's dessert - when another dessert shows up?

Perhaps the most appropriate thing for April Fool: Raspberry Fool. Well, technically, a fool is just pureed fruit tossed into whipped cream, so I hope we can rename some fruit into april, and then there'd be a dish called april fool. Until then, we may have to settle for aprium fools instead.

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  1. I would think a little molecular gastronomy might help here. The art of turning food into things that look like other food, or non-foods.