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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reformulating a favorite

One of my guilty pleasures is getting Jumex mango nectar. A Mexican origin product, it's actually pretty good, and relatively inexpensive. But recently, I noticed that the can has received a makeover. Now, since the can, sized for 12 ounce, already contains a shrunken 11.3 ounces, I doubt if the makeover is due to the infamous Grocery Shrink Ray.

The old can is to the left, the new to the right. The main change in information is the disappearance of the claim that mangos are a natural source of Vitamin A. 

Indeed, looking at the RDA values, the old can used to claim 25% for vitamin A, and it went to 0% in the new can.
How can there be a complete depletion of vitamin A content? Vitamin A is a group of compounds that can be formed from the carotenoids of many yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots (from which they are named). Mangos, being a yellow fruit, contain carotenoids. Granted, the reformulated nectar also shrank from 30% juice to 21% juice. The ingredient list is more or less the same. Mystery upon mystery.

But aside from this, how did it taste? Well, the new stuff is thinner, sweeter - less fruity. More or less in line with the lowered juice content. Sadly, I think an old favorite is gone.

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