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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Universal Improvers

There are some elite ingredients that seem to improve any dish...well, at least to the mind of most people. At least when they're not talking about dessert. If you consider filling in the blank:

"----- always makes things taste better."

I think there are a limited set of items that can fit in there. Such as...

"A fried egg"






So, care to try your hand at filling in the blank?


  1. Not sure if they make EVERYTHING better, but two things I'm rarely disappointed to see on a plate, and complement a wide variety of other flavors:

    - Caramelized onions

    - Duck confit

    Two things I would NOT include on this list, since they're often included just to make an average dish seem fancier:

    - truffle

    - foie gras

  2. Matt, problem with that last one is that it's guaranteed to be fattening :)