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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catch up

This weekend, I am once more at the Great Western Casa McBardo, enjoying the hospitality and the opportunity to cook in the dry climes of Southern California. We have an ambitious cooking project later today, but I did cook dinner as soon as I got in, but due to the rush, we didn't photograph it. Nonetheless, here's the description:

Chicken and pork adobo, reinterpreted slightly. This is a dish that has numerous variations, but at its core is chicken and pork cooked in vinegar and garlic. My version used plenty of garlic, peppercorns, ribbons of dried ancho chiles, a sprinkling of fenugreek, whole roasted chestnuts, rounded out with coconut milk, and finished with a healthy sprinking of cilantro.

Side dishes were rice cooked with dates, and mixed with toasted pine nuts, and a simple stir fry of blanched green beans, carrots and enoki mushrooms in olive oil, garlic and salt. The Grand Patriarch of McBardo cracked a bottle of sake and served it in a shamrock-graced cheeky shotglass.

After that, we began cooking in earnest.

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