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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Of resurrection and dining

The subtext of the image of Easter as a celebration is a hybrid, a veneer of Christian interpretation of divine reanimation laid over the more primal celebration of rebirth, and fecundity in spring. Hence, the bizarre juxtaposition of eggs, bunnies, lambs and Peeps in the food scene for the period.

I think ham was added just to piss off the Jews with the recent conclusion of Passover.

Although, in reality, I think ham is the more appropriate item to celebrate reincarnated food - it was dead, and yet preserved and eaten again. In that light, I propose that the new foods of Easter should look at reincarnated food stuffs. For example:

1. Century eggs (pi-dan) - black, stinky, eggs that should be dead -- but are yummy in a bowl of congee. Maybe remarketed as Zombie Eggs? Problem is, they aren't easy to hide.

2. Bread pudding - stale bread reborn as unctuous dessert. Can be risen again on the third day even.

3. Biscotti - baking the first time should have killed it; but doesn't really come to it's own until the second baking.

Actually, almost anything made from leftovers would be good. That way, we can roll together the tradition with spring cleaning - clearing out the fridge.

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