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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet things

This may be one of the longest blog descriptions of a meal ever :). But we're near the finish line. To recap, we had just finished an orgy of meat paired with vegetables cooked in duck fat. Yet a great deal of the energy actually went into the making of this Thomas Keller recipe, involving a pineapple that is roasted, cut into "chops", coated in vanilla, caramel and butter, and served with deep fried custard and whipped cream. In a word - outrageous. Before we embarked on serving that, however (and there are numerous components to it), time for yet another palate cleanser.

In this case, #14 lemon-lavender cookies, with ricotta cheese and honey. Or at least the aftermath thereof. We really need to get better at the photography.

Finally, the coup de grace: An array of #15 roasted pineapple "chops" in vanilla, caramel sauce, with fried custard.

The main comment afterwards is that although it looked pretty, it wasn't that easy to eat, since the retained inedible pineapple skin made handling difficult. That doesn't stop the truly dedicated, who will pick it up and eat it as it would be a meat chop. Not a complete success, as the final assembly of the dish involves hot and cold items that need to be fired up and set in place. The fried custard is easy enough to make, and probably dominates the dish too much. I also suspect that the documentation on making the caramel sauce is missing something. 

But that's not all. 

A guest decided to bring in a bonus course #16...or where else we can stash it.

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