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Monday, January 5, 2009

Science and food

So, are you done unwrapping your holiday presents? Because here's one idea that escaped my attention. Not a regular cookbook, but the Hungry Scientist Handbook. Okay, well, that's a link to the website, but seems to be chock full of ideas for kitchen fun. The Amazon reviews seem a little disappointed in the science content, but I already like the idea of fizzy fruit (here demonstrated from NPR).

Addendum: guess what is the ingredient of year? Bacon! More yummy links behind that link. Bacon certainly featured greatly in my recent sojourn to the Western Casa McBardo, and boy, am I glad. Two new batches are incubating, and should be born in a couple of weeks' time. Sadly, I'll not be there to taste of it.


  1. bacon is amazing! as is fizzy fruit. i have bacon in two desserts at textile, and next week i will have a dessert with fizzy grapefruits.

    when you coming to textile?

  2. LOL - is that an invitation? I'd love to go to Textile, but I haven't gotten around to planning for it yet.