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Friday, January 16, 2009


Maybe is the cold weather, but meat is so much in the news. For example, I like listening to KCRW's Good Food podcast out of Los Angeles (we need a food podcast out of Houston), and their blog posted this totally charming picture posting of cleaning pig trotters. It credits Jon Shook of the restaurant Animal, which I suspect has some cognate cuisine to the local Feast restaurant. Not that I have ever eaten at Feast - I tend to get my roasted pig from Viet Hoa on Bellaire.

And then there is the bizarre competition for commercially viable in vitro meat, bankrolled by PETA no less. The logic behind tissue cultured meat is a little flawed, though, in case you didn't know, to grow tissue in vats, it requires supplementary compounds and growth factors best provided by...well, serum. In other words, in order to grow meat in culture, you have to sacrifice a few other animals. Granted, they'll come in either a powder or a liquid form neat and tidy, looking no more like an animal than a box of Jell-O (which is, in case you didn't know, a product of boiling down dead animals).

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