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Friday, December 17, 2010

Seasonal gratings

So, we approach the countdown to that Christmas time. Everyone stresses out over needing to have a gift at that right time, or to have their traditional item prepared then. Let's say you miss it by a day - it really isn't so traumatic. Really.

Then again, there's really something disturbing about the incessant playing of carols in supermarkets and other locations, a gentle hum of the dominance of Christendom. Including signs like this one.

No matter, though, I do like the festive atmosphere. At the invitation of a friend, I went down to the Discovery Green park in downtown Houston to watch in the flagrant suspension of natural weather: the outdoor ice skating rink. Appropriate to the occasion, I got a hot cocoa from the Lake House. For those of you who don't know, the Lake House boasts such things as artisinal and seasonal food. And my server cheerfully boasted that the hot cocoa was fresh and good.

I regretted the drink after one sip. Despite appearances, the hot cocoa was devoid of any chocolate flavor, just insipid overly sweet milky liquid definitely not worth the $4. While fortunately also free of that metallic twang common to syrup driven drinks, it's only redeeming quality was the heat to ward against the cold, but the shock inducing sugar level lead me to discard it not long after this photograph was taken.

I should know better by now, though.

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