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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Convenient ponche

Until last year, the Mexican hawthorn apple, tejocote, was the most smuggled fruit in America. You can probably find ample quantities of the fruit nowadays in the back stalls of Canino's market, as it is primarily used for the seasonal hot drink, ponche - often loosely referred to as Mexican punch. Like a tisane of various tropical fruits and sugar (I believe piloncillo is the conventional sweetener), tejocote is the indispensable ingredient that makes it ponche.

But why gather all of that stuff, when you have modern technology?

Behold, the ponche kit. Dehydrated fruits, spices, and tejocote, all packaged and ready for boiling. Just add water.

And maybe rum, but I didn't say that.

Found this little item in Fiesta, but can likely be found in various markets around the city.

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