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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Huevos mas grandes

Although Houstonites refer to Canino's on Airline as the permanent farmer's market in town, it's the bigger storefront for a number of smaller vendors out in the back. Venturing back there, you find yourself transported to someplace more akin to a Mexican open air mercado, with a couple of taco trucks, as well as vendors selling fruit and vegetables by the crate.

In addition, there's this little airconditioned "Egg House" in the back; I dropped by to pick up a dozen locally harvested eggs.

On the right is a rated Jumbo egg from a nearby chain supermarket. On the left is the brown Jumbo eggs from the Egg House - while it may not be obvious, the brown egg is significantly larger than the white egg. Proof, of course, is in the cramming - I could only fit 6 eggs in the standard dozen carton for the white eggs, and even then, I couldn't shut the lid!

Moreover, the brown eggs were significantly cheaper than supermarket eggs for the dozen.

I've cracked open a couple of brown eggs - one was a double yolker. But the freshness was evident - the white was viscous, and stood tall, the yolk a rich orange-yellow.

I should probably update this with a side by side taste comparison.

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