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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year's feasting

Dinner at the Great Western Casa McBardo last night was massive and fun, but I think we had a few lessons to take away from it. Portion sizing needed to be better controlled, and dishware and surface area availability - something that you'd think I'd have learned from the Tenacity Dinners :). And I think I finally get the idea of "being in the weeds" :).

Dinner, however, was a strong homage to David Chang's Momofuku cookbook. But we didn't stop there - we created a home made antigriddle to do something from Grant Achatz's Alinea cookbook. And a fallback position with a recipe from Pichet Ong's Asian Inspired Desserts.

Here was our basic attack plan.
  • charcuterie plate (store bought)
  • tomato and tofu caprese
  • seared tenderloin on arugula
  • kabocha in miso glaze
  • halibut steamed in kelp
  • kale chips
  • grilled cheese sandwich
  • mango and soy pudding
  • ramen
  • bulgogi burgers in steamed buns
  • mushrooms 3 x
  • simplified bo ssam with dragonfruit
  • yuzu souffle
Somethings were deceptively simple - the ramen broth took over 7 hours to make. And the yuzu souffle was gorgeous, and stable.

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