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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fictitious foods

I wanted to write something about some different foods speculated or fantasized about in literature, and have been coming up pretty spare. Sure, the archetype would come from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (where do you you think the kids are now?), including Willy Wonka becoming a full bore candy brand. More recently, people speculate on the nature of butter beer and pumpkin juice from the Harry Potter mythos, but for the most part, stories with a good speculation about food are infrequent at best.

When written, though, we can go from the macabre promise of Soylent Green, to the indifferent practicality of knowing that triffids can be mashed and eaten in a pinch. We dream of a more responsible synthehol in Star Trek, contrasted with the Klingon machismo of bloodwine and gaak.

Or people can simply wax poetic about the mythical properties of chocolate in Chocolat and Como Agua para Chocolate.

So, tell me about your favorite fictitious foods.

side note, happy founding of McBardo day!

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