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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is this a gym?

Over on a little strip mall on Bellaire near BW-8 is this establishment on the second floor (for people not from Houston - or new to town - this is right around 'new Chinatown'). We spotted it while eating at Banana Leaf, now one of the few surviving Malaysian restaurants in town (sadly, my old favorite Cafe Malay is now shuttered). Everyone's impressions (who don't read Chinese) is that it is a gym of some sort.

So, I went to check it out - and it is so not a gym. Fit is a place that sells inexpensive Japanese knickknacks. It defies easy categorization - most items they sell are $2, with a few items at a higher price. They sell things from post it notes, a wide array of little desk toys, soaps, containers of various shapes, sizes, colors and Engrish notations...and some kitchen doodads. Notably, this should be your central location for proper, creative, kawaii bento box creation. Everything from cute pastel chopsticks to this teeny dropper containers for soy sauce to molds for making onigiri.

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