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Friday, March 13, 2009

Guilty Indulgences #1 - HEB Cornbread Entertainer biscuits

Usually, I am loathe to use processed foods, things which seem ubiquitous in many American kitchens. Most people I know can't even imagine making pancakes or cakes without resorting to the boxed mixes, whereas I have a hard time even buying a loaf of industrial presliced bagged bread. But I'll confess to my guilty indulgences - there are a small number of processed food items that I find either enjoyable or irreproducible in any other form, and I'll feature them in a series of blog posts.

First up, a recent discovery:

HEB's Cornbread Entertainer Crackers

Not exactly flaky, more crumbly. Somewhat sweet, goes rather well with a cup of hot tea and some cheese - and watching a Wallace and Grommit film. Cheap enough that I can't seem to justify learning how to make them :).

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