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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What passes for first class

Yes, indeed, I have returned from my travels, and I thank Greglor for his insightful maintenance of the blog. The decor in the place has...changed a bit, but I like it. He is, of course, welcome to continue posting his culinary adventures.

One bright spot of my travels came at the very end - I was fortunate enough to be upgraded to first class on my return trip to Houston. This was after I had already settled into a coach class seat, so I was thrilled to see what pampering can ensue by the upgrade.

Case in point though, this is the current, more austere airline industry. I already knew that most airlines eschew meals for certain trips. Certainly, though, in the luxurious leatherclad first class cabin, I'd be offered a choice of a meal selection. Would it be sushi or pasta? Chicken or duck?

The stewardess leans over to me, and asks:

"Would you like the deli plate? Or not?"

Wha? I guess that's a choice. Literally.

As you can see, while the presentation on china and metal utensils was cute, the food itself is lackluster. Nothing more than rearranged "lunchables". Urg...

At least when it comes to food, flying First Class is nothing to write home about. I still prefer bringing my own food onboard. Or check out what other airlines are carrying at

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  1. In years past (circa 2003) international first class was quite good to me, foodwise. Domestic, they've offered me a glass of sparkling wine. That said, I haven't flown first class often enough to be able to really say. And not in several years.