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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Before I forget, I wanted to post about dinner last night - which was an adventurous sit at the bar and go with the flow meal at Sushi Jin. Arguably, the best fish to be had in the city of Houston. I wish I had a camera with me, as the meal was so pretty. I sat with a friend who asked me to do most of the ordering. Which isn't too difficult, since all I had to do was ask what was good, and went with it.

The place started us off with a complimentary amuse-bouche of seared escolar. Nice, tasty, but the fatty nature of escolar makes it a forgiving fish.

We started with an order of hamachi sashimi. It came with a couple of portions of belly slices in addition to the silky smooth well cut portions. Very nicely handled, complimented with the daikon and the perilla leaves.

On to sushi - first, nigiri style. We each got a piece of bluefin, then chu-toro (fatty belly tuna), and finished with a side of aji (Spanish mackerel). The fish was impeccably fresh, well cut, and properly layered with wasabi. The rice, oh, just nicely done sushi rice.

We followed then with some maki rolls. The sushi chef recommended the scallops as an inside out roll. I requested umeboshi/shiso rolls (pickled plum with perilla leaves) as a counterpoint.

Finally, we ended with something that I haven't seen in a Houston sushi restaurant before - pressed sushi. In this case, the fish was saba (pickled makerel), laid on a box of sushi rice, and a layer of sweet kelp on top, before being pressed, and then sliced into rectangular cubes. Very nice.

Pricing was not bad for the meal, including beer and tip, came to well under $40 a person. Highly recommended.

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