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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Religious diets

A local televangelist (and do we have many of them) recently had comments for his flock about the dangers and evils of eating pork and shellfish, eliciting many strong reactions and thoughts. The allegedly vitriolic reactions are a bit puzzling, since many religions easily dictate dietary traditions (and some cultural dietary traditions don't even have a religious backing, but breaking them is well nigh taboo - like having ice cream for breakfast - even if it does have eggs). Given the proximity to Lent and Passover, I'd like to revisit my idea for a restaurant. One I'd like to name "Sacrilege" - where dishes are so constructed specifically to break or defy religious strictures.

For example, we'd like to serve Lamb of God with Mint Jelly. But, oh, we can go so much further. For Passover, how about Gefilte Lobster? Served, of course, with cheesy toasted matzoh nachos. With bacon. Always with bacon.

Bacon cheeseburgers on bagels.
Mussamun Pork Tenderloin (for those of you not aware, Mussamun curry derived from Islamic immigration into Southeast Asia)
Beef Bhaji (or Pakora) - I am thinking dried beef, like machaca, and dipped into the same type of lentil batter.
Buddha (meat)Balls
Cocacola Mormon Cake

Oh, the ideas should be out there. I used to think that I can only carry this idea out in New York City, but I think there may be an audience in Houston.

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