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Monday, October 25, 2010

Unwimpify Halloween

What the heck is up with candy and Halloween? For such a macabre "holiday", the offerings to scare people are so wimpy. Fake eyeballs made from grapes? Jell-O "brains"?


Come on, if you're going to get into the spirit of things, serve these things as your treats:

  1. Soondae No, not an ice cream soondae (although I dare some avant garde chef out there to make that a reality). It's a Korean blood sausage, made with rice. Think boudin, but with gumption. Not that boudin is all that wimpish of a food to start with. By the way, I find it amusing that the site where I found this description conveniently doesn't mention the use of blood.
  2. Dinuguan. Ah, the famous Filipino "chocolate meat". Of course, you already know the secret ingredient, right? Hemoglobin, of course. 
  3. Tacos de sesos. It's just a taco. With braaaaaiiiins. Well, why mess around with gelatin and milk when you can have the real thing? You can even buy it around here in Houston year around. 
  4. Tacos de ojos. For that matter, what is up with the fake eyeballs? Why not the real thing? Of course, in a taco. 
  5. Candy. Oh, all right, I give. Have some candy. Scorpion candy.
Thanks and maybe apologies to all the associated websites to whom I am linking to. 

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