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Monday, October 4, 2010

Act 2: Green

Part of a series describing a dinner at acclaimed Chicago Restaurant, Alinea.

The second course focused on one key vegetable: English peas. This may be the best version of mushy peas I've ever had. The peas were pureed, then aerated, and frozen to make something texturally resembling ice cream. This is complemented with raw pea shoots, an iberico ham powder (I think in this form, any old ham would have worked, as part of the appeal of jamon Iberico is the cured fattiness lost in being powdered) and a myriad set of accoutrements from a melon gel to little spheres of soy sauce. I don't think this is a minimalist dish, items could be deleted and substituted, and it may still work.

But the interplay of textures, and bold contrasts in flavors balanced out, and I did enjoy it quite a bit. Win.

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