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Monday, June 14, 2010

Some foods need instruction

One notable aspect of the Star Trek science fiction franchise is that in at least a few occasions, they  pay their respects to their characters' need to eat, and their respective cuisines. After all, this show probably popularized the idea of asking for "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" to a whole generation of coffee drinkers. But you'll find that whenever a setting involves alien food (and at least in the series Star Trek: Voyager, one of the major characters was a cook), a prop they used is the kiwano melon.

Also known as a horned melon, this thing really does look like it's from outer space. Covered in regularly spaced horns, its flesh is slimy and bright green. And apparently, even the act of eating it requires some training. I've seen few recipes that ever really call for it - unless you're cooking up a space opera.

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