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Friday, June 4, 2010

Second generation breakfast

I have a friend who loves French toast, although I suspect that he has a fairly limited conception of what French toast is. The concept is, as with many great foods, a brilliant way of using up leftovers. The French don't call it plain toast, as the joke would say, rather, the name is "pain perdu" - which translates to lost bread (the quasi-rhyming lost toast may be an acceptable translation perhaps). As usual, stale bread seems to work better, specially for soaking up the custard, resulting in a beautiful textural contrast in the end product. I've even made savory French toast, opting for cheese and bacon rather than the obligatory syrup.

And then there is the delicious idea from K24 - two delights in one. It's French toast, made from an old croissant. The apple compote is thankfully not very sweet, and the strips of fresh mint complement the dish well.

K24 is in Los Angeles in the Hollywood area. It's open 24 hours, and worth a visit for a meal.

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