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Monday, June 14, 2010

Solid mass

On a recent trip to Crescent City Beignets, I noticed that they offered a few breakfast sandwiches. Not inexpensive at close to $7, I thought that a savory addition to sweet fried beignets was appropriate. And I found the addition of "beignet sticks" a creative nod to the proviso of French fries to sandwiches in general.

What we did get in the sandwich was a solid yellow rubbery mass. I recognize this thing; I've had it once before in some airport kiosk. It appears to be a precooked mass of egg so shaped to slide conveniently in between two pieces of bread. While I can forgive this in a situation with cramped cooking quarters, such as say, a airplane galley, a full restaurant should be ashamed to serve such a monstrosity. Never mind charging so much for it.

Funny thing, such "omelet cakes" can be done well. Notably, in Japanese cooking, where slices of carefully cooked slabs of egg can adorn nigiri sushi, and is a tribute to the skill of the chef.


  1. I believe I had an omelet cake type item for breakfast today. I honestly can't say for sure, as most of the items I've been eating here in Jeju aren't easily identifiable. But the taste and texture were delightful.

  2. There's a really cool Korean application where the egg yolks and egg whites are cooked separately, and then sliced into slivers, and served with these wheat pancakes. You then assemble these mini "tacos". Quite good with gojuchang, the hot bean sauce.