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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tall cool glass of green

Probably stemming from the influence of Mexican food, Americans usually think of avocados as a savory ingredient. They encounter it in sushi, guacamole, maybe inserted in those vegetarian sandwiches. But, really, avocados shine as a sweet ingredient. The high lipid content in the fruit produces amazingly smooth and creamy purees. Avocado ice cream has that super-premium frozen custard texture, only without the use of eggs.

A simple application is making an avocado smoothie/shake. Basically, take an avocado, scoop the flesh into a blender, add some milk, a little sugar, and ice, and blend. I once decided to make some for a neighbor, and as I walked out with a pitcher of thick green liquid, a woman passing by stared at me. I gave her a knowing wink, and said simply, "frog shake".

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  1. I've had an avocado/coffee ice cream that's pretty tasty...