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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Single Serve with straws?

Not that it matters, but apparently, wine in boxes are now tasting better. Go figure.

Now that I own a shaker, I am interested in making non-alcoholic cocktails (aka, mocktails). Unfortunately, most recipes for mocktails that I find online seem to be overly sweet. And I think I understand part of the appeal for cocktails, as the main ingredients are shelf stable, and microbially inert - most ingredients in making mocktails will spoil rather soon, and it's tough to make just one or two drinks.

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  1. Freeze your mocktail ingredients in an ice cube tray.

    As for savory mocktails... I think one of the appeals of alcohol (that's not the buzz), is that you can get all kinds of fun extracts of things that are alcohol soluble.

    Take gin, for instance. It's basically a juniper (and other spice) extraction using ethanol as the solvent. I was trying to imagine a way to make a mocktail gin so that you could make a mocktail version of my thyme martini , but I think you wouldn't get anywhere near the strength of flavour, given that the ethanol actually helps solubilize some of those tasty things in the gin and chartreuse (and thyme, for that matter).