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Monday, June 1, 2009


What gadgets do you like to have in your kitchen? Although some may dismiss them as single taskers, but if you use them often enough, they're justifiable for the trouble and the counter space. Stand mixers are a wonderful luxury for some, as are food processors, but they don't figure into my regular cooking regimen (I have a small food processor, and by the time it takes me to assemble, I would have sliced up the vegetables with a knife - and modified the recipe to accept irregular pieces :).

Ice cream makers are great - I have one of the regular ones with a core that needs to be frozen in the freezer for a while before being used with a single speed dasher. Problem with these things is cleaning them out - they have to be thawed out, and then cleaned, before being refrozen - restricting flavor creation to one at a time :(. Perhaps some day, I'll find one with an independent compressor.

I can talk about the uses for a rice cooker, a toaster oven or a bread machine, but what I really want this year is a Candyfab 6000.


  1. I use my food processor once a month, and my stand mixer once a week. I'm trying to use my ice cream maker less (to keep from having a custard-based heart attack at age 37).

    The toy that gets the most action is my Bamix hand mixer. Most hand mixers suck, they could be running on a 9-volt battery as far as I can tell (see Braun, for an example). But the Bamix has torque that's ready to go. Whip cream in 20 seconds. Literally. Tear up soup quickly. Doubles as a spice grinder. Really, a wicked cool toy, and sees a fair amount of action in my kitchen.