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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Here we go again

So, posting in the Houston Press blog Eating Our Words, Molly Dunn reports
researchers at Granada University in Spain have discovered that beer can hydrate your body after a workout better than drinks like Gatorade, water and chocolate milk.

With, a link to the Washington Times article citing exactly that. Well, except for the chocolate milk part.  That seems to be a casual addition - certainly, though, the original scientific article would have compared beer and chocolate milk. Except, the Washington Times article does not link to the original scientific paper either. Instead, it cites a report from The Telegraph, reporting on a conference in Granada. But no link to the article itself. Or any specifics about this report. Surely, this should raise alarm bells.

Well, it's the age of Googling, after all. A quick search for Manuel Garzon and Beer reveals this article from The Telegraph. Written in 2007. As well as enough links to other articles that point to the "beer better hydrator than water" claim as an urban myth.

Seems that The Telegraph isn't exactly the best source of scientifically vetted information — very often, a claim that is too good to be true, is.

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