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Monday, June 25, 2012

When you are dinner

Ever heard of a fish spa? Apparently all the rage in regions in Asia, one dips one's feet in an aquarium of small fish that spend time nibbling at your toes, allegedly eating off all the dead skin. Piscine exfoliation, it would appear. I've heard, however, that you want to keep these things around the toes and ankles, where the skin is relatively thick. 

Giving the fish access more, ah, delicate skin can lead to some painful consequences. But perhaps turnabout is fair play, and that the client should be able to harvest a few of fish, fry them up with chile and lime, and serve them as refreshment during your spa appointment. It can be like autocannibalism by proxy.

Note: this article was originally published earlier, but is reposted due to a glitch.

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