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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alternative sisig

Sisig is the unofficial national drinking food of the Philippines. It's a Kapampangan term meaning to cook with or eat with something sour. It's origins lie with taking various pork scraps like ears or skin, boiling until tender, and seasoning with vinegar, onions and spices. The resulting mix, gussied up with some calamansi or fresh chiles, is the perfect foil with cold beer on a hot day - specially when served sizzling on a hot cast iron plate.

Sisig has since evolved to use any number of ingredients aside from pork scraps, but the results always tend to be savory, and shareable with drinks and friends.

Tofu Sisig, from Nomnomnom Cafe in Quezon City, Philippines

The inventive oyster sisig, at Two Seasons, in Boracay. Unfortunately, this dish was marred by a rather sweet flavor profile.

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