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Friday, July 15, 2011


The new edition
Soon to hit your favorite book shelves and App Store, the newest edition of the Fearless Critic Houston Restaurant Guide. Proper disclosure: I'm on the Council. It's in the credits. So, secret is out.

That said, I've always wondered a bit about the adjective "Fearless". What's there for a critic to fear? None of us who shared our opinions have our livelihood dependent on the review process. Mostly, we like to eat in restaurants (whether it be to explore, or just revel in the mythical social experience) - the worst that can happen is that a restaurateur who recognizes a critic can ban that person. In a city with the sheer number of restaurants in Houston, what kind of threat is that? 

No, perhaps the monicker "fearless"  is more aptly applied to the restaurateur/chef/cook/entrepreneur behind the establishments. Some of whom risk it all for the idea, a chance at living a dream of being appreciated, or maybe just to follow a path set for them. We can sit at the table, needle the performance because we've paid, but we have little to fear. 

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