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Monday, May 2, 2011

Food labeling strangeness

Sometimes, it's not so much the food but the words that describe it. Take for example, this cooler I spotted in one of the Asian mega markets around town.

Nothing says lactose intolerance than coconuts in the milk chiller.
And then there are the food item labels. The bizarre MSG food scare myth has all sorts of manufacturers labeling things as MSG-free.
Of course, miso itself is rich in glutamate.
But food labeling can really get out of hand.

This label from an expensive Odwalla drink is almost comical in its earnest distrust of science while trying to appear high-tech. 90% organic ingredients? What's the remaining 10%? Then again, the very marketing term of "organic" is at best ambiguous, and at worst completely nonsensical. But if you really want nonsensical, read the last sentence - "No GMO: Odwalla does not ingredients that were produced using biotechnology of bioengineered versions exist."


Ironic, considering the long list of chemical ingredients preceding it.

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