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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Six times better?

I was walking by Kraftsmen bakery, and saw a sign advertising their new line of bagels, so I popped in to try one or two. I asked for a couple of bagels, which were sitting in a case on the counter, and lovingly wrapped in a paper bag. And then I found out that they were $2 apiece.

Considering that Randall's sells six decent bagels for about the same price, the markup appears usurious. These were unwarmed, sitting on the counter bagels without so much as a pat of butter, not even sliced open. Then again, these are artisinal crafted bagels, perhaps worthy of the higher price.

So I bought them anyway, and ate one. To be honest, they were good bagels, a scotch better than supermarket bagels.

But nowhere near even twice as good. I don't think they sell plain cold bagels even in Manhattan for this price - how much are H&H bagels nowadays anyway?

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