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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A revelation of sorts.

This revelation will be a short one, but I think it's an important point. Every year at Christmas, my family would purchase various and sundry nuts for the table for snacking on. Included in there were walnuts, which I often avoided, due to their bitter aftertaste. As an adult, I have also eaten walnuts, but mostly to be polite in situations where they were being served. That bitter flavour that follows you after eating them just didn't sit well with me, and I found it would take something extremely falvourful to remove that taste from my mouth.

More recently, I've moved to California, where fresh walnuts are readily available at the farmer's market. My mother, a vegetabletarian, bought some on her last visit. Holy smokes if they weren't delicious! Nutty, and mild, with none of the typical bitterness at the end, we've been adding them to salads or eating them plain. They're simply delicious, and I'm a new walnut fan. Imagine my surprise to discover that the vast majority of grocerystore walnuts are simply rancid, and that most people are used to that (and even expect it).

Get yourself some fresh walnuts and taste 'em today!

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