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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The pulse of the fooderati

The while the Houston online scene has been atwitter with talk of the recent national kudos showered on our local high end restaurants, there has been nary a mention of the upcoming 36th Annual Pasadena Strawberry Festival, next weekend. I've been to the Strawberryfest in the past, and found it to be a puzzling affair - after all, the centerpiece is the allegedly largest strawberry shortcake in the world - which isn't really a shortcake. And I don't think they grow strawberries in Pasadena - I saw crates of strawberries imported from California. Then again, it is well into the peak strawberry season.

But the Houston online scene seldom talks about notable varietal crops, or ingredients. Robb Walsh's crusade to bring recognition to the Gulf oyster helps, but after a few months of being active in the "food aficionado" (aka, foodie, chowhead, etc) scene in Houston, I've observed that we seem to be more of an "eating" city than a "cooking" city. Places like Portland talk as much about the berry crop as they do the outrageous doughnut shops. Aside from BBQ, Houston doesn't seem to have much of a cooking culture. Most of the online talk revolves around eating out in restaurants.

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