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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Food blog stereotypes

I'm straying from the science a bit to post an observational piece. Here are the top 5 food blog post stereotypes:

5. Food porn articles. You know, those things that highlight pictures and videos of food as intimately as hard core porn can be. They are there to titillate your imagination. The stock in trade here is jealousy - so dining in fancy restaurants slides in there.

4. Recipe articles. Often tired rehashing of old ideas, maybe given a "healthy" twist. Not that the latter is really scientifically provable.

3. Disgust response articles. These are closely related to chemophobia articles, which basically fan ignorance to promote nonsensical memes. They can be made to sound outrageous, but if you look a little deeper, with the lens of science, it's much ado about nothing.

2. "Science-y" articles. These ones pop up every so often, written with little more than a casual reference to Wikipedia, or maybe some stray sensationalized article in the back section of a larger news site. They'll use the science-y buzzwords, but are the truthiness of the online food world. And are often so wrong, but vigorously defended.

And the No 1 stereotype....

1. Listicles.

Just don't.


  1. A listicle to criticize listicles? Clever strategy. As long as people love to read them, sites will continue to compile them.

  2. Damn that bun looks goooooooooooddddddddd!