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Monday, November 7, 2011

Yes we have bananas

You've heard the stories, right? About how the banana is doomed for extinction. Because all bananas are clones of each other, and because of the Panama fungal blight, the monoculture cannot evolve resistance. Well, truth is, that's only for the Cavendish banana, which turns out to the most imported fruit into USA.  There are many varieties of bananas, although and infrastructure that matches the processing, shipping, and cultural acceptance of the Cavendish will take a while to redevelop in the aftermath. 

So, what do some of these other banana varieties look like? 

The "saba" - a cooking banana. 

The thinner skinned latundan.

The lakatan. 
The lakatan has a distinctive yellow flesh, and a floral aroma. 

By the way, the "seedlessness" is the consequence of triploidy. But you knew that already. 

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