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Saturday, January 1, 2011


As I did last year, I collaborated with BBQDude to cook up a fun and novel dinner for New Year's Eve. Pictures are forthcoming, but here's what we served at the western House of Dude, home of IndirectHeat and family. We planned on 11 courses to celebrate the coming of 2011.

1. Duck fat confited russet potatoes and miso glazed calabasita squash.

2. Hamachi sashimi dressed with yuzu, calamansi and wasabi sauce and splashed with hot oil.

3. Tamarind and hoisin glazed smoked pork ribs with slow roasted Fuji apples

4. Bagna cauda with celery and jicama

5. Bacons and Raclette. Two versions of an open faced sandwich, one using home cured and smoked bacon, and the other was buckboard bacon from Cochon Butcher in New Orleans.

6. Roasted Brussels sprouts dressed with mint and sambal oelek.

7. Savory huilacoche cheesecake

8. Panko crusted fried chicken livers with Sichuan seasoning salt, and rhubarb mustard sauce.

9. Smoke, tobacco, blackberry : from Grant Achatz and his Alinea cookbook.

10. Yuzu and Meyer lemon cream filled shortbread tarts

11. Saffron dondurma

We had a lot of fun, and I think I learned a new trick or two. I wish everyone a healthy and delicious new year, and many more.

Panko crusted fried chicken liver with sichuan seasoning salt


  1. My goodness gracious, you have apparently created my dream come true meal, and last meal on earth!!!!!
    being part filippino, chinese and swiss-german, i grew up eating calamansi and raclette and other funky euro-asian foods all at once, regularly, but never in a million lives did i expect anyone else to "get it" you do, and even better!!!!! you are my new favorite, i am loyal follower. Bless you and your culinary commentary!!!!