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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unbaked pastry

Although procured from a bakery, this is not a baked pastry. And I do think it's properly referred to as a pastry. It's a delectable mango mochi stuffed with fresh mango chunks. For the uninitiated, mochi is a dough prepared from by cooking glutinous rice flour in some kind of water based liquid. It forms the basis of a number of prized dishes from Asia; from savory preparations to this pictured snack. Mochi is the Japanese designation, and is generally softer (higher water content) and sweet in application. This is clever masterwork, as the dough stiffens and crystallizes when refrigerated, losing the prized supple nature when warm. And it is notoriously sticky.

One can find mochi wrapped ice cream in supermarkets nowadays, however, this mango mochi not only used mango juice in the dough itself, the payload of fresh fruit is genius. The dusting of coconut provides the proper and subtle textural contrast. Delicious.

$0.90 from ECK Bakery, Houston, TX. Other flavors are also available.

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